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The game

Plug: Secrets of the museum can be summarized with 5 photos:

Tag Explore with mobile phone Ader

Photo 1                       Photo 2                       Photo 3

Lion and snake Card exchange

Photo 4                                                                      Photo 5

This game, playable by 8+, is taking place in the context of Musée des arts et métiers (Arts and Crafts museum).

Virtual cards are stored in RFID tags (see Photo 1).

Players use mobile telephones to read/exchange/drop cards (see Photo 2).

Every evening, 16 objects of the museum put in place a card representing them or their creator in an RFID tag standing besides them. But, one night, cards decided to have fun: They switched tags or hid themselves in a mobile. Objects constitute 4 collections (Ghost busters, Wonder creators, Trainers of elements, Time accelerators) among which the one is attributed to a team of players. To win a game session, a team must get as many points as possible.

To win, the players explore tags (see Photo 3), answer quiz (according to you, in Photo 4, can a lion and a snake made completely of glass be frightening?) and make exchanges with other players (according to you, in the Photo 5, who will win?).

You want to play? Click here to know where and when you can play.

You want to know more? Listen to Professor Wandermonde (no english subtitles)!

Plug, Secrets of the Museum - Players' training (no english subtitles)




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